Miyuki Aoi





Trainer Class

Elite Four




Drawing Doujinshi


Popsicle, Cute loli


Enthusiastic in anything

Introduction Edit

- Miyuki Aoi, who is called Miyuki in Pokemon Master League Game, is a trainer who specializes in ???-type pokemon. She is from ??? Town in Sinnoh Region, she moved to Masuta Region and has lived there since, she also became an Elite Four of the Master League Tournament and has a signature pokémon named Shiro. As her hobby is drawing Doujinshi, beside her main job as an Elite Four, she also works as a Doujinshi mangaka in her free time and befriended Shauntal (Unova Elite Four) in the process.

- Miyuki Aoi is also one of Pokemon Master League Staff and working as Game Developer.

In Game Edit

Pokémon Edit

First Battle: Edit

Rematch: Edit

Quotes Edit

First Battle: Edit

Rematch: Edit

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